Mexico gardening show 2019.9

We have exhibited our products, rootplus pot and treecontainer…
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AgriWeekTokyo2019 農業WEEK2019東京に出展

We are participating in AgriWeek2019Tokyo. Please visit our…
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New “Tree Container”  新製品『ツリーコンテナ』2019.7

2019年の新製品『TreeContainer ツリーコンテナ』を発売しました。
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Rootplus-pot at Yaja Nara, Manor Blanc, Citrus Research Institute in Jeju 2019.6

 Manor Blanc…
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Rootplus-Pot in Tangerine Farms, Jeju Island. 2019.5 済州島のミカン農場

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Olive trees and Rootplus pot in Jayonjeju

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Various Growings

Rootplus-pot is used for growing various plants.
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How to link side boards 側板をつなげて長く使用

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ルートプラスポットは、 ガーデニング用の…
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White Rootplus Pot and Eucalyptus

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At IFEX2018 Exhibition in Tokyo国際フラワー&プランツEXPOに出展 2018.10

We exhibited the RootPlus Pot at the International Japan Flower&Plants Exhibition,October 2018 in Tokyo.
2018.04.30/by admin

Exhibitions in Australia 2018.5

We participated in exhibitions in Australia and introduced RootPlus Pot and other company products.
2018.05.01/by admin

The Japan Blueberry Association Symposium 2018,6 日本ブルーベリー協会シンポジウム出展

We exhibited at the Japan Blueberry Association Symposium held in Gifu, Japan.
2018.03.12/by admin

Garden show 2017 In Australia

We exhibited at Garden show 2017 , Australia.
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How to assemble 組み立て方法

 It's simple and fast to assemble the RootplusPot. 早くて簡単なルートプラスポットの組み立て方法を紹介いたします。
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English, Japanese videos of Rootplus pot

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About the RootPlusPotルートプラスポットについて

The RootPlus pot is a container with a structure that maximizes the effect of air root pruning.
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RootplusPot Standards ルートプラスポットの規格

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